Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited.

India is certainly a country that has high regards for education and the educated. This is one reason why education to every student is equally important. Not all children are similar. And they need certain help, guide as well as a customized way of teaching to help them shine. With Genext students, they can easily get through with some of the best home tutors. Tutors looking for Teaching Jobs will also benefit from this in so many ways.

This site is a medium that helps students as well as tutors meet. It also helps them make things easy for themselves. Here, they have the equal luxury of choosing the perfect tuitor to their interest. Students can make a choice of the most suitable teacher. While teachers can choose the student, they think needs their help.

Genext Students has made things much easier for the eligible teachers looking for Home Tutor Jobs. These teachers can just enrol online and get themselves verified. After that, they can contact or wait for students or their parents to contact them as well. The youth-centric, Genext Students believes in working with technology.

This has made it completely feasible for the students, their parents as well as tutors who are looking for Home Tutor Jobs. Parents can absolutely manage their children’s progress with an online app. Or even the online site as well. Because, this company and its facilities are spread over a great number of cities, things are much better at different places.

Genext students were started by the duo of Ali AsgarKagzi and AsadDaud. It had only one vision. That was to make the lives of students as well as tutors simple. They have certainly managed to do so. It can be vouched for by the awards they have earned. Be it the RED HERRING TOP 100 ASIA COMPANIES award (2016)! Or securing a position in TOP 40 EDU-TECH start-ups in Asia Pacific (2015). Things have worked in favour of them, their students and certainly many home tutors.